The Agenda - Day 1

The conference programme at EBAday 2018 comprises keynotes, panel discussions and debates featuring more than 80 of the world’s leading experts in payments who discus key topics and new challenges driving the business in Europe.

09:00-10:00 Registration and breakfast

Wolfgang Ehrmann, Chairman of the Board, Euro Banking Association
Jan Kupfer, Head of Corporate & Investment Banking, Member of the Management Board, Unicredit Bank AG
William Hoffman, Head of CISO, EMEA, Deutsche Bank
Diego Katzeff, Global Programme Director - Digital and e-commerce, HSBC
Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO, SWIFT
Moderator: Conor McGoveran, Director, Financial Services Advisory, EY
Kyle Thomas, Head of Global Business Development, Saffron AI Group

12:00-13:30 Lunch and networking time

13:30-14:15 Stream 1: Practitioners’ insights into payment trends

Which insights did the first 6 months of processing instant payments bring? Which issues still need solving? Are banks, payment service providers and their customers ready for ramp-up?

Moderator: Sandra Peute, Senior Product Manager Transaction Banking, ABN AMRO Bank
Gerhard Bystricky, Head of Product Management Payments Germany, Unicredit Bank AG
Erwin Kulk, Head of Service Development and Management, EBA CLEARING
Rachel McMahon, Senior Manager, European Payments, Innovation & Business Development, NatWest
Petia Niederländer, Head of Group Retail and Corporate Operations, ERSTE Group

     Stream 2: Technology supporting payment advancements

Which new opportunities does machine learning afford transaction banking, and in which areas might it be most useful? How should PSPs go about implementing AI?

Moderator: Tony Farnfield, Partner, BearingPoint
Parth Desai, Founder & CEO, Pelican
Chris Skinner, Chairman, Financial Services Club
Eran Vitkon, Head of Open Platform, Finastra
Which reasons do customers have to choose challenger banks? Can traditional banks bridge the perceived gap in value proposition and modern information technology practices?

Moderator: Kirstine Nilsson, Head of Strategic Engagement & Relationships, Swedbank
Mark Hartley, Founding Partner, Bankifi
Richard Martin, Head of Payments & Cash Management, Barclays Bank
Darryl Proctor, Product Director Payments, Temenos
Axel Weiss, Head of Payments Strategy, German Savings Banks Association
Can implementing blockchain and DLT lower transaction fees for banks or improve service levels? How long will it take to reach meaningful scale?

Moderator: Colin Adams, Managing Consultant, Lipis Advisors
Keith Bear, Vice President, Global Financial Markets, IBM
Mariana Gomez de la Villa, Senior Program Manager Blockchain, ING Bank
Angeli Kokkes, Project Leader, Market Infrastructures, ABN AMRO Bank
Nicolò Romani, Head of Innovation, SIA

15:15-15:45 Coffee break and networking time

In a world of instant information anywhere anytime, how can the correspondent banking model keep up? Which major new cross-border innovations can be expected?

Moderator: James Barclay, Executive Director, Treasury Services, J.P. Morgan
Marjan Delatinne, Global Head of Banking, Ripple
Simone DelGuerra, Global Head of Transactional Sales, Unicredit S.p.A.
Nadine Lagarmitte, Global Head of Financial Institutions Group sales, HSBC
Marc Recker, Global Head of Institutional Market Management, Cash Management, Deutsche Bank
How can banks and their systems achieve cross-border interoperability of the RTP schemes to facilitate the global settlement of funds? Which consistencies/inconsistences can be seen emerging? How to prepare for mass adoption?

Moderator: Kevin Brown, Independent Non-Executive Director and Advisor, Payment Industry Insights
Martin Coen, President, Enterprise Payments Solutions, Fiserv
Craig Ramsey, Vice President, Head of Real-Time Payments, Product Management, ACI Worldwide
Michael Steinbach, CEO, equensWorldline
Russ Waterhouse, Executive Vice President of Products and Strategies, The Clearing House

16:30-16:45 Coffee break and networking

Case study and presentation: The success of the banking sector lies within the ability to adapt to current technological and regulatory changes and deliver secure and reliable services that meet their clients’ needs. How can a platform approach serve banks at the front end and at the back end?

Petri Syvänne, Head of Global Sales and Business Development, Tieto
Case study and presentation: how does the use of virtual accounts enable greater efficiency and process harmonisation for both the bank and their customers?

Tim Martin, Product Manager, Cashfac
Presentation: Which major new cross-border innovations are underway? How can banks evolve to meet modern needs?

Wim Raymaekers, Global Head of Banking Market, SWIFT
Ingrid Weisskopf, Department Head, Payments Financial Institutions, Commerzbank
Case study and presentation: are the regulatory technical standards on strong customer authentication a door opener for biometrics? What are the trends? How can a compelling user experience be achieved?

Hakan Eroglu, Senior Manager - Digitization in Payments & Banking, Accenture
Nils Jung, Managing Partner, Innopay

17:20-18:30 Drinks Reception and Networking Time

18:30 End of first day

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