SWIFT Institute

Shaping the future of banking - A session to shine

Special Interest Lunch Session
12.30-13.30 19 June

Join us at this new break-out session at EBAday, on day 2, focusing on the emerging talent in financial services. This panel discussion will host up-and-coming experts already making a difference in their respective remits.

The panel session will profile the work of these stand-out individuals, discussing pioneering initiatives they have instigated, what it takes to make a mark in the evolving industry, and indeed what the future of the industry looks like and how to play an integral part in shaping it.

Amid all the coverage and talk of transformation in the industry, this session will focus on the new cohort at coal face of effecting actual change, be it in AI and emerging technologies, data science and visualisation, or organisational change management. We will also hear from banks and financial institutions about how their organisations are changing, and what they look for in new recruits.

Recent university alumni, graduates of financial industry schemes, and academics will discuss:

  • The changing face of Financial Services- new methods of working and education within the digital world
  • Core skills and cross-functional teams- to what extent can Business , IT, data teams and Compliance operate independently  of each other, as they have done traditionally. How to cross-purpose?
  • Open banking, open culture- what does the future bank look like?

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