With interest in fintech at an all-time high, EBAday 2024 will again feature a dedicated 'Fintech Zone', where top fintechs from around the World will be able to network with and demonstrate their products to payment heads, heads of innovation and other banking executives attending the conference.

For banks, collaboration with the fintech community - including both start-ups and more established players - is seen as an essential element in the creation of new banking products and services and in driving the internal innovation agenda.

Successful applicants to the Fintech Zone will have innovative (and potentially disruptive) working products or a proof of concept within the following areas:

Next generation banking, Payments-as-a-Service, Instant payments and request to pay, Identity services and fraud prevention, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Cross-border payments interoperability, Trends in payments technology and fintech collaboration and Trends in liquidity and cash management practices.

Each finalist will present their company/product on one day of the event, and on the other will have their own stand. The presentations will take place in the Fintech Zone and will be in front of a panel of judges and delegates from the event.

The entry requirements for applicants are:

  • Early stage and growth starts-ups
  • With a working product (i.e. at least at Proof of Concept stage)
  • Able to attend both days of the event
  • Willing to pay for their travel to/from Lisbon, hotel and other expenses

Applications for the Fintech Zone 2024 will open soon.

What do winners receive?

  • Article on Finextra.com about the winning company.
  • FinextraTV interview with winning company (worth €5,500).
  • ‘Fintech Zone Winner’ social media assets.

Our 2023 winner was: iPiD

"The jury of industry experts confirmed Bank Account Validation is a top concern in the industry. With upcoming regulation in Europe it is therefore a significant win for us. This gives us increased credibility with an invaluable senior audience and great networking opportunities!"
Geertjan van Bochove, Co-founder and Chief Finance/Operating Officer
International Payment Identity (iPiD)


2023 Fintech Zone Finalists
Banxware Empowering Platforms with Embedded Lending: The key to your growth. Banxware provides revenue-based loans embedded in platforms. We enable our platform partners to offer platform-branded financing products tailored to the needs of their sellers. Our platform integrations allow us to automatically target sellers with loan offers exactly when they need it. The technology is fast, convenient, and easy to integrate. Banxware provides the full financing supply chain, including funds and end-to-end loan management to bridge cash flow shortfalls for platform sellers before they become an issue.
Centiglobe Centiglobe was founded in 2019 and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Centiglobe are front-runners in offering DLT cross-border payment solutions, and advisory services, designed to unlock and accelerate business value by modernizing and transforming payments, resulting in instant secure transfer of value and data for banks, payment institutes and companies.Our payment transactions platform, and unique technology, create trust and transparency in payments, enable financial flows, reduce counterparty risk, cost of capital and operating cost to compete more effectively.We are the link between tokenized assets and traditional payment rails, combining the assurance provided by a regulatory framework and the new transformational DLT technology.
CheckMate CheckMate is a state of the art solution for authorized push payment fraud (aka scams). The recent rise of real-time payments, along with new effective technology preventing unauthorized fraud (e.g. ATO), have changed the battlefield of financial crime. Criminals now realize that to rob a bank they don't have to break in, the banks’ customers will (unwittingly) let them in. Banks can no longer solely protect their customers’ accounts - they must protect the customers themselves. Checkmate is a game changer in the battle against authorized fraud. Using cutting edge technology, CheckMate analyzes and scores all payments, in real-time, for both Sending and Receiving accounts, allowing financial institutions to prevent fraud before it happens.
Coinscrap Finance Coinscrap Finance was founded in 2016. Since then, we’re working to be the Financial Health AI Platform of the future using transactional data & behavioural economics. We help banks and insurers to understand the financial situation of their clients and to sell the product that better fits, a win-win for both financial entities and their retail customers.
Devengo Devengo offers an API to create a settlement account to orchestrate instant B2B and B2C bank transfers. Our technology enables businesses to build payments directly into their own platforms without needing to build complicated payment systems, become regulated themselves or manage the complexities of payment networks and schemes. Devengo stands out as being a B2B infrastructure with a resilient, easy, reliable and powerful API platform. We currently have clients from verticals like, marketplaceses, fintech, insurtech, salary advance, etc.
Enable Banking Unlock the Future of Open Finance with Enable Banking. As your trusted data courier, we empower you to create the next-generation financial solutions, all while prioritizing data security. Our single API gives you an instant, seamless connection to over 2,500 major banks. With us behind the scenes, you can focus on shaping the future of an open economy. We're regulated by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA), affirming our commitment to reliability and trust. Make your vision a reality with Enable Banking.
FNA FNA is a leader in advanced network analytics and simulation. FNA’s software is used to uncover hidden connections and anomalies in large, complex datasets, to predict the impact of stress events, and to optimally configure financial systems and infrastructures. FNA is trusted by the world’s largest central banks, government authorities, commercial banks and financial infrastructures.
HedgeFlows HedgeFlows is an online toolkit that makes finances easy and accessible for anyone doing business internationally. The SME market is diverse and fragmented, and the traditional coverage model by banks and other providers is hard to scale past payments and current accounts. HedgeFlows bridges the gap by empowering SMEs to plan their finances better, opening access to risk and treasury management solutions, and automating manual processes. Our partners leverage HedgeFlows to help their SME clients trade more confidently and grow with resilience.
iPiD Founded in 2021, venture-backed fintech startup with a diverse international team boasting extensive experience from leading payment and technology companies such as SWIFT. The company's distinguished Advisory Board features industry heavyweights such as Christian Sarafidis from Microsoft, Kosta Peric from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. iPiD's flagship offering, Validate, tackles the escalating issue of fraud and failed payments within the payment industry by confirming payee names and bank account details. This solution is effective in enhancing customer experience and combating authorised push payment (APP) fraud. iPiD is transforming the fintech arena and fostering trust and confidence within the global financial ecosystem.
Mifundo Mifundo’s game-changer technology makes national credit data passportable in EU. It enables banks to provide credit products to foreign people. Either customer has arrived to bank’s country or bank intends to expand to customer’s country. Mifundo unifies data from different countries into one single data hub and calculates standardised credit score in EU. Verified & Passportable Financial Identity for consumers. We are selected by Mastercard and top-tier banks in Northern Europe to their partnership program Lighthouse. Mifundo is licensed by FSA Estonia.
Request to Pay Request to Pay Ltd is a UK company founded in 2018 to provide: Intelligent actions improving transparency, integrity and avoiding crime in bank accounts by using: UK CoP: confirming 1 million rightful bank account owners, Global CoP: for confirming cross border payments, Identify & Validate: confirming rightful ownership and usage of mobiles phones, Biometrics: biometric solutions, Artificial Intelligence to verified as to who they claim to be: 250 companies and 60 million verifications, Mule ID AI Prototype: using known scammers’ bank and public data to show high fraud risk present and fully data compliant.
RISE RISE is a tech company on a mission to empower a financial savvy generation. We offer banks a financial education universe through different interconnected products:-A white-labelled youth banking app empowering your bank to launch the most impactful youth offering on the market; and An engaging, reward-centric microlearning platform that delivers financial education content in a fun and youthful format (Tiktok-style videos, interactive quizzes and more) - perfect for both the youth and adult segment. Those solutions can seamlessly integrate into any bank's offerings, boosting customer satisfaction, acquisition and loyalty.
Saffe Saffe's proprietary facial biometrics and liveness detection technology allows financial institutions and other companies to verify that the user/customer is the right person who is authenticating in front of the device's camera. Tested, approved, and scaling in large banks and fintechs, with top performance at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in 4 categories from FRVT. 2023 New launch: GoSaffe, our anti-fraud risk score solution, is a privacy-preserving face bureau product that issues scores related to the risk being taken by our client in accepting a transaction given a facial image and some additional data such as email, mobile number, or tax ID from the end-user.
Sileon AB As a BNPL functionality provider, Sileon enable banks,lenders and fintechs to exceed customer expectations, stay on top of their offerings, and increase revenue. With Sileon’s BNPL product, our clients can rapidly up their game and become relevant in the BNPL segment. The fully flexible and scalable BNPL SaaS product lets you serve your end users with a world-class BNPL offering and provide the digital consumer credit the younger generation seeks. We enable our customers to serve their end-users without the need for heavy investments in tech and skills. Our scalable BNPL product works across any market, currency and payment transaction, thus making it applicable for credit cards, debit cards, as well as any other alternative payment method.
TradeIn Technologies Since 2018, TradeIn has emerged as a pioneering fintech firm, providing a collaborative platform for real-time cashflow risk management & financing solutions for businesses. Supported by Google for Startups, 50 partners & Bank of America, At TradeIn, we harness the power of cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Blockchain to revolutionize businesses without cashflow risks. Our ecosystem covers the entire operational value chain of corporate risk, including: Real-time payment behaviour of clients & prospects, Tracking and improving overdue payments, Access to dynamic financing solutions, Real-time monitoring of third-party compliance in accordance with the anti-corruption regulation.
Treasury Delta Treasury Delta has brought to market a lead generating platform for banks in the area of transaction banking. Using digital technology, they have digitised a corporate treasury rfp thereby, making it easier for corporates to go-to-market and more efficient for banks to participate and respond. Treasury Delta’s solution has streamlined the process and removed several friction points on the customer journey. The most recent uses cases were in the areas of cash management and treasury management system selection. Treasury Delta can also white label their technology to banks which acts as a digital channel to fast track the customer acquisition process, gather real time data analytics and bid for new business all via a proprietary platform.
TresurUp TreasurUp is a Dutch FinTech company that helps banks reshape their online Commercial Banking offering with solutions designed by corporate treasurers that are continuously improved. These modular and white label front ends are designed to help small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients of banks manage their risks (including FX and trade credit insurance) and improve cross-border payments, cash visibility and cash flow forecasting. Banks can do so much better if business lines would be able to deliver integrated product solutions on multiple channels (Web, Mobile, API and People) using the latest technology. We firmly believe banks will benefit from managed, secure cloud services in order to have high innovation power and a lower TCO.